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Old news:
April, May & June have been very busy months with lots of concerts with many different settings. Some of the highlights have been the performances at the Jazzwerkstatt Festival with S.P.E (videos coming soon) and Eloa Goncalves Trio. I was joining Berndt Luefs Jazztet for two concerts in May at Bluegarage in Frauental and at Forum Stadtpark in Graz. Forum Stadtpark was a special occasion, not only because they were celebrating their 60th anniversary this year but also because one of my heroes, the Swedish trombone player Eje Thelin used to play there back in the late 60's.
Most recently we finished a week of rehearsing and playing with Wolfgang Hattingers "Szene Instrumental" ensemble (http://www.szene-instrumental.com/)performing the music composed by Christof Ressi. As always it's a lot of fun with Christofs music because it's on a high technical/musical level and the high musicianship in the ensemble.

New News: 
July & August has a lot to look forward to. We will be on the road with Nexus LineUp again, this time in Budapest Jazzclub and another venue near Budapest. We are going to perform mostly new material written by Daniel Hofecker
Later in July we are getting busy with 4Seasons playing at Regensburg Jazzweekend. This year is a special occasion because most of 4 Seasons is also playing in Emilianos Sampaios "Mega Mereneu Bigband" which is also performing at the same venue. Looking forward to some good music and nice hangs!
In the first week of August i will be teaching at Olika Svängs Jazz Camp on the Swedish countryside. I used to attend the camp when I started out playing jazz and im very happy to be able to direct some of experience I've gained since then on to the new generation. Also looking forward to nurture my health with some late night swimming and grilling by the fire after a long and busy year.


Super Old News

The past few months have been very busy and productive.

In November the 4Seasons recorded a new video of one of Gerhard Ornigs tunes called "Home I Think" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fx3JSidifQ, we also did concerts at Bluegarage and one of my favourite jazzclubs in Austria, Stockwerk. 

Year 2019 started intense with an appearance with the Prohibition Stompers at the Jazz-Redoute in Graz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cg5LDdcaww

Not long after that the long anticipated Jakob helling Concert Big Band-Tour took off. This is a band consisting of great musicians from all over the world including Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Hungary and U.S.A. We played concerts in Graz, Klagenfurt and at Jazzland in Vienna. There will be a Live-CD coming which was recorded live during the Tour by Nico Raschke, if you are interested write me an Email and i will gladly send you a copy as soon as the CD is done. 

For more recent activities:

In a couple of days, on January 29th we will be releasing the album "Free To Choose" with Sound Pollution Eclectic at Stockwerk in Graz. We are going to perform material from the CD combined with brand new pieces written for the occasion so come by and join us!

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