“Free to Choose” is debut album of Karel Eriksson as a leader and involves some of the most in-demand musicians from the Graz jazz scene.  

As the album title reveals one always has choices to make and these choices define who we are. 

On “Free To Choose” this is displayed through improvisations of various types. 

With everything from free pieces to through-composed and polyharmonic compositions this CD offers a few different takes on the art of improvisation.

Gerhard Ornig –Trumpet   

Karel Eriksson –Trombone

Anil Bilgen - Keyboards/piano 

Emiliano Sampaio – Guitar 

Gustavo Boni – Double Bass & E-Bass 

Luis Andre Carneiro de Oliveira – Drum Set 


Recorded in Graz in May 2018 by Ulrich Katzenberger & Lukas Ledoldis. 

Mixed & Mastered by Alexander Yannilos 

Artwork: Luiz Moura 

Produced by Karel Eriksson & Alexander Yannilos 

Label: Freifeld Tonträger, Vienna.