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Gerhard Ornig - Trumpet
Karel Eriksson - Trombone
Vasilis Koutsonanos - Double Bass
Luis Oliveira - Drums

se4sons is a group of four musicians from various geographical backgrounds. The meeting point was however the Jazz University in Graz, where the group was formed in 2015.

The absence of harmony instruments is reflected in their transparent sound and brings out a more contrapuntal approach which results in equal roles and more responsibility for each musician.

All members are constantly bringing new compositions or ideas for songs to work on and the repertoire consists of mostly originals. Their music has been described as "fresh with a scent of West Coast" and "rhythmically hyper-charged".

Since the start in 2015, the 4Seasons has emerged from the rehearsing studio to touring around Europe and performing at festivals like "12-points" in San Sebastian, "Kozani Jazz & Blues Festival" in Greece, "Jazzwerkstatt Graz" as well as appearances at the Austrian National Radio Station for Jazz, "Ö1".

In early 2018 the group released their debut album "Long Ride" under the Viennese Label "Freifeld Tonträger". The CD is available on iTunes for downloads.

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