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Karel Eriksson is an swedish jazz trombonist with roots in Estonia. He is an active freelancer, composer and arranger based in Vienna, Austria.

Over the years Karel has had the opportunity to study extensively with musicians such as Ed Neumeister, Luis Bonilla, Michael Abene, Ed Partyka, Stjepko Gut, Renato Chicco, Reinhard Summerer and many others. 

In 2017, Karel founded the group Sound Pollution Eclectic (S.P.E). Their first album "Free To Choose" was released on the Viennese label "Freifeld Tonträger" in 2018.

In August 2022, S.P.E released their second CD "Same View Different Meaning", the music was recorded during a Swedish tour in August 2021 at "Studio Rymden" in Stockholm. The album is released on Peter Guschelbauer's label Alessa Records from Linz, Austria. 

In addition to S.P.E., Karel leads his trio under his own name,
The Karel Eriksson Trio includes Tin Dzaferovic on bass and Luis Oliveira on drums. 
He also co-leads the group "4Seasons" together with Gerhard Ornig, Vasilis Koutsonanos and Luis Oliveira. The group released their debut album "Long Ride" in February 2018, also on the 
Viennese label "Freifeld Tonträger" and are currently producing their second CD.

Karel can be heard as a sideman in bands like Jazz Big Band Graz, the Berndt Luef Jazztet, the Prohibition Stompers, the Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra, Groove.n.move,  Jakob Helling Concert Big Band, Emiliano Sampaio's "Mega Mereneu Big Band" 

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