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Same View, Different Meaning

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"What a pleasure to hear Karel and his band on this new album Same View Different Meaning. While the trombone used to be one of the most emblematic instruments in jazz, there are very few of us today who can defend the trombone as a leading instrument. Karel is definitely one of these special player who offers here on this album a great group of musicians who really connect with one another.
Same View Different Meaning is a promising album and prove to only be the beginning of an exciting adventure Karel and his quintet will enjoy. My favorites are "Same View, Different Meaning Part II" and "Echo Chambers”.

Samuel Blaser, June 2022

Sound Pollution Eclectic nähern sich auf„Same View Different Meaning” dem Thema Jazz auf einewirklich einmal andere Art an.Die Musik des Quintetts besitzt seine ganz eigene Schwingung, einen Ton, der auf wunderbare Weise Bilder in die Köpfe der Hörer*inne pflanzt. Ein spannendes Klangerlebnis

Michael Ternai, Mica Austria, September 2022

This is an excellent album from start to finish, eclectic yet coherent, splendidly performed and fascinating musically. This is especially recommended for listeners, who are ready to be taken by surprise and enter some yet untraveled musical territory

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack Of My Life, October 2022

"Same view, Different Meaning" is the second album of S.P.E which is recorded in August 2021 in Stockholm during their Sweden-Tour. As the title suggests, the music on this CD is inspired by surrealism and asks for an open ear from whoever listens to it.

Karel Eriksson - Trombone
Gerhard Ornig - Trumpet
Emiliano Sampaio - Guitar
Thilo Seevers - Keyboards
Luis Oliveira - Drums

Recorded in Stockholm, August 12 & 13, 2021 at Rymden Studios, Stockholm by Daniel Bengtson.


Mixed & Mastered by Werner Angerer at Acoustic Art Studios. 

Artwork by Stephen Bellada, Bellada Graphic Arts

Distributed by Sounddesign Austria, Peter Guschelbauer & Karel Eriksson

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